💊💊 Are Painkillers killing us?💊💊

I conducted this research a few years ago now, some of the stats may be a bit old however as the products have not changed it is a fair assumption in my opinion, to expect that the effects haven’t either. If I am wrong comment below I am happy to add information and reference new research.

There are many over the counter drugs that we use to combat pain – most people use non-opiod analgesics which are the basic generic over the counter (OTC) options such as paracetamol and NSAID’s (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) such as Ibuprofen. We also [at times] use opiod analgesics, these are drugs that are in simple terms are ‘opium resembling’ in their ‘experience’ for users and require a prescription.

Let me just remind you all of one super important fact.

There are no risk free painkillers available from doctors or pharmacies [in general]. Anyone who thinks they take only the ‘safe’ type read on [please for your own benefit] because you have been brain washed.

I will refer you to a previous blog Can 1000s of years of history be wrong, in which I reveal the LD50 qualifier for all therapeutics/medicines. The lethal dose indicator required by the FDA [Food and Drug Association – US] and the ATGA [Australian Therapeutic Goods Association] for any medication to ‘qualify’ their definition of a medication [must be toxic].

Simply, painkillers have a ‘lethal dose’. Do not be complacent. Information linked in references for your benefit.

Not only are they lethal, but they are highly addictive – and this is for the OTC stuff too; can you imagine what the reasons behind WHY opiod analgesics need a prescription?


In addition to those stunning facts, did you know that basic non-opiod analgesics can have an affect on fertility? Specifically, male fertility. Research indicates that they are certain that the short term affects can be reversed, however the long-term affects are unknown. [see references].

As mentioned in my previous blog Can 1000s of years of history be wrong “358 of the total 453 overdose deaths that occurred within Victoria, Australia in 2015 were caused by Pharmaceutical drugs!! …. Painkillers if not taken properly, for example: regularly taking more than the single or daily recommended dose of any painkiller, can cause future serious liver, kidney and other organ problems.”

So what is the solution?

There are many natural solutions that have pain relief properties that have less affect on androgenic hormones [fertility].

There are also natural solutions for synthetic anti-androgenic products which mainly women need to assist with certain conditions. For example: hormonal acne and Poly-cystic Ovary Syndrome.

Note: if you are trying to get pregnant, men – stay away from or severely limit your intake of OTC pain killers, especially ibuprofen. Women who are pregnant, make sure you don’t take painkillers if you can avoid them (use an alternative) as they can affect your unborn child [which we already know and do – or should if our GP’s are doing their jobs right].

What are some Natural Solutions in the form of essential oils for pain killers that will also help maintain hormonal balance?

For Men:

Cinnamon Bark
Sandalwood – analgesic and anti-spasmodic [and smells absolutely divine]

For Women (non-pregnant):

Basil – anti-spasmodic and strong anti-inflammatory

Both Genders:

Rosemary – strong analgesic and strong anti-inflammatory

Clary Sage – anti-spasmodic [mainly women]

Geranium – analgesic and anti-inflammatory

Ylang Ylang – anti-spasmodic

Cinnamon – anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic

Also, see the attached photo. Each tick reflects it’s strength, 1 tick means general strength, 2 ticks means strong qualities and 3 ticks means powerful qualities.

Pain Management - Essential Oils
Once again guys, I really hope this information proves helpful to you all. If you have yet to start your ‘never look back’ journey into the holistically fantastic solutions found with essential oils and my blogs are sparking an interest I challenge you to contact me. If you wait until you are ready you will be waiting for ever because the will ALWAYS be something else you need to do first [advice I am just realising myself on a different front].

My contact details are ⏩⏩ here ⏪⏪


Until next time readers, have a fantastic day!


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