Lemongrass – Food for thought

We never stop learning, in fact – if you don’t proactively keep your mind active you will loose it. Our brain is a muscle and you need to exercise it to stop atrophy of sorts. Keep those electrons firing and forming new pathways.

One thing I love learning about is how the abundance of nature is a treasure waiting to be uncovered by anyone willing to find out.


I got my first bottle of Lemongrass oil for free as one of dōTERRA’s Product of the Month Club promotions previously – it is a very popular oil and for good reason.

Lemongrass the herb contains some of the following compounds:

  • Citral represents the largest compound within the plant and found in the essential oil. Upwards of 70%. This particular compound therefore plays a big part in the benefits presented by this herb and it’s essential oil. This compound has strong antimicrobial and anti-septic qualities.

  • Linalool has a sedative effect to the central nervous system, analgesic, anti-inflammatory qualities and is also a anti-microbial antioxidant.

  • Limonene has been said to have anti-cancer properties and supports a healthy liver.

  • Citronellal is a component most people will recognise as often being found in insect repellents and candles designed for that purpose. This compound also provides Lemongrass and it’s essential those same qualities.

There are plenty of other compounds in Lemongrass and it’s essential oil that have been researched to have qualities which make Lemongrass a natural solution for everyday.

As mentioned in previous blogs, if it is found in the plant it is found in the oil (with exception of the fibrous part of the plant).

Historically, Lemongrass oil has been used as an insecticide, a sedative to the central nervous system, and used for infectious diseases and fever. It can also assist with bladder infections and UTI’s fluid retention and oedema and more.

The dōTERRA product of the month for March 2019 is Lemongrass oil which means that you have the opportunity to get this fabulous oil or free if you place your order before the 15th. I would love to help you take your first steps in your essential oil journey. Don’t put off what you will eventually wish you started sooner; contact me today. 


I hope you find this information helpful and useful if you already use essential oils? If you do already use them, leave me a comment on what you like to use Lemongrass oil for in your daily life.

Until next time readers, have a fantastic day!










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