The ➕Positive ➖Deficit

Oh man I was going to write this blog about anxiety and insomnia but it turned into a novel….. so I have shortened it ………. a great deal ……… and changed the title. Today’s blog is about Mind Health and how to best combat times when our Positive is in Deficit. This is no easy task and I am no expert, but what I intend with this blog is to give tips on what I do. Nothing should ever replace the advice of a fully trained medical practitioner and I recommend that if you err on the side of caution and see one if you feel you are or could be in a chronic state of positive deficit.

Recently, I suffered an anxiety attack, and the situation got me thinking about what action plan I have to proactively manage my anxiety rather than let it manage me. Answer……. nothing. As a result I can find my anxiety to be exhausting at times and not only demanding of me, but of my support people. I would guess that I just described most people who suffer from anxiety. So how do we learn to take back control?

Firstly, I would recommend the help of a good clinical psychologist. If you have never used one, or have only had bad experiences then I ask you to remember the job of a clinical psychologists is not to be you friend or really fix your problems but to change the way you think so they don’t become problems in the first place. The person who helped me, may not be suitable for you. It is all about finding the best fit of personalities and as such can be trial and error. If you don’t think it will work, then it won’t but if you do, it will. Our mind is THAT powerful, believe it, live it, be it. Be your own champion!!


Secondly, we need to care for ourselves – our whole selves – Mind, Body and Soul. The essence of holistic health in my eyes. My tips can be used to help clear our mind, body and soul of negativity, but these tips are not a cure or a treatment, rather they are suggestions on how to improve your current status whether it be for an hour, a day, a week or otherwise. Please remember that I am not a psychologist nor am I a medical practitioner. Nothing I write here should ever take the place of your trained medical practitioner.

Clearing bad energy from a room or item.

  • Salt sprinkled in the corners of a room and then vacuumed after 48 hours.
  • Please refer to my last blog Himalayn Salt…. the dehydrated way to hydrate!, to see why salt is so good at “clearing the air”
    You can sprinkle salt over an object for the same purposes as the first point. It is good practice to clear a new piece of furniture new or second hand.
  • Remove clutter – remove anything from a room that is not serving the space. Does it spark joy? Is it best placed in your home? Hold the object in your hand and quietly meditate the question “where can you best serve me” you will sense where it would be best placed.
  • Diffuse high vibration essential oils
  • Play high vibration music
  • Burning or smudging herbs
  • Recharging an item – Touch or hold the object. Close your eyes and picture the item in your mind. Visualise your own positive energy source, picture the colour of your energy and focus on it [white is a purifying colour]; now picture your energy moving over the object and and absorbing into the item; once complete, finish the meditation welcoming the object to your home and introducing it to it’s purpose “welcome to my home, you will be a beautiful addition to our lounge room where you will be used to house our entertainment system”. It sounds silly, but with this statement you are claiming the object as yours.

Cleansing yourself from negative energy

  • Use essential oils with a high vibration charge or let your intuition choose one that sparks joy.
  • Absorb the suns rays; 15-20 minutes a day of direct sunlight on your skin not only provides you with the daily dose of Vitamin D but also helps to ‘recharge’ us.
  • Listen to high vibration music.
  • Meditate – practice visualising your ideal life making it as real as you can; with sounds, imagery, buildings, bank accounts, businesses etc; use music that is uplifting (usually high vibration) while focusing on your mantra/affirmation statement – I am / I intend to be ….(happy, successful, abundant, positive etc).
  • Recharging you – visualise that you are in a place that sparks joy in you. Imagine you are quietly sitting listening, absorbing the positive activity going on around you – let it activate your senses of sight, smell, touch and sound. Listen to the noises of the place; feel the ground beneath you, the air touching your skin, soft and warm, like a firm but gentle hug; now take 7 deep breaths naturally and comfortably, don’t hold it, feel your lungs expand with the warm soft air and then feel them expel the air as you breath out; imagine that with every exhale you are not only expelling carbon dioxide but also the negative emotions that you are carrying, with each breath you feel your emotional load getting lighter; on the 7th breath you look around and notice that the air is shining like millions of tiny diamonds, these crystals represent the energy within the air and every object, it is shining white, the colour of purity; continue your breathing calmly in and out taking notice of the scents in the air of the flowers, plants, water, soil etc. With each intake of breath, you feel the positively charged air moving through your body to your muscles, brain, eyes, hands, feet, everything. The sensation is of lightness and weightlessness; the more you inhale the better you feel; you just know that your entire body is completely in tune with the energy of the air surrounding you; you notice how awesome you feel. You look down and you realise you are floating, hovering over the ground on which you were previously sitting and you know that this is evidence of your minds ability to overcome obstacles. Slowly you start to come out of your meditative state and back to now. You notice the pressure of the chair/bed/ground beneath you and the sensation of your clothes against your skin. You notice the noise of the activity going on around you, your breathing, the clock ticking, dog barking, music playing. Next you notice smells, you breath in and you experience the scent of your perfume/cologne/deodorant, your hair, the air around you. You open your eyes and take in the brightness of your surroundings, you see your room and your belongings. Lastly, you notice that the internal sense of joy, calmness and happiness created through meditation has stayed with you. Remember this feeling, let it etch into your mind so that when you are in a moment of stress you can have a micro meditation based solely on that feeling. recreating it and reciting “I intend to feel joy, calm and happy”.
  • Yoga –
    backlit beach dawn dusk
    Photo by Cedric Lim on

    this form of exercise is known for it’s connection between mind, body and energy and therefore is a great source of clearing.

  • Use a salt lamps in your bedroom to keep the ions negative and the mood positive
  • Soak in a bath salt, bath for 20-30 minutes
  • Burning or smudging with some herbs (white sage). This may sound like witch craft, but it isn’t – the origin of this ritual is related to Native Americans and other indigenous cultures. These cultures believe we are an ‘energy source’ and have always used the smudging to help purify or cleans our body, energy and auras. White sage is a popular herb used and this blessing of a herb has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial benefits so it has the capacity to assist with our well-being and mood.
  • A NCBI study – check this out for an interesting read as to why smudging/burning is a good thing Havan sámagri as mentioned in this study is a combination of different dried roots and leaves which is used as a burnt offering in India as part of a religious rituals.
  • If you are going to use herbs used in religious ceremonies it is extremely important that you respect the culture and religion behind it; otherwise I would direct you to use your own sourced, dried herbs, roots and plants that resonate with you and have similar cleansing and purification benefits.
  • Connecting mind, body and soul in a single unified goal. How I have done this in the past is to list all negative items I want to change/remove and why; thinking from a positive frame of mind. For example “I intend to remove profanity from my vocabulary in order to become a better version of myself. I do this for me, to remove moments I regret and replace them with happiness and self love”. I write each item(s) down on paper or on a computer document; when finished I re-read the list, then burn the paper or delete the words from the document (while visualising that a flame is consuming them); repeating a mantra until the document has been completely consumed. My mantra would be similar to this: I cleanse from my life by the purification of flame the words on this page; I no longer identify with them; I reject these qualities as they no longer serve me; my energy is cleared and clean. I am a positive person who attracts positive people and situations that benefit me; I am a phoenix rising from the ashes new and complete.”
  • Go green – get yourself some indoor plants for your home and each of the rooms
    close up photo of succulent plant
    Photo by Kara Muse on

    you spend a lot of time in; the plant needs to emit a lot of oxygen and absorb toxins/carbon dioxide – Aloe Vera is a good one [future blog??]

  • Remove clutter – this point is beneficial from an personal and a room perspective. If you feel cluttered, then your energy is closed in. If your energy is closed in and you are feeling negative then that negative energy is closed in with you too.
  • People can be a negative energy too and it is always best to eliminate these people if you can, but if that is not possible try to reduce contact with them as much as possible so as to minimise their affect on you. Try not to take on their problems/opinions/beliefs/projections, try not to get drawn into their drama, try to remain caring without being emotionally invested in the outcome.

I know that this sounds like I have it all figured out, but I can assure you I do not. Sometimes, I need someone to talk me through it. As mentioned I am looking to create an action plan; I intend to print and pin my plan somewhere in the house so I can easily access it and try to memorise it. I intend to tell my support person what my intentions are in trying to manage my anxiety, give them a copy (if necessary) and get them to encourage me to refer to it.

Remember, habits are formed out of repetition, and until our subconscious mind recognises a ‘habit’ we have to consciously proactively partake. Learning a new habit is hard work and you will forget at times but when that habit forms; boom you will just know and just do it. I keep that day in my mind as my focus – anxiety will not rule me, I will rule it. I intend to feel joy, calm and happy.

Until next time readers, keep your mind healthy and your goals measurable.



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