Memoirs of the sieve© & Ramblings of an almost middle aged woman©

Hello readers and welcome to my new endeavour into the merry [is it really?] land of blogging.

Have you ever thought “Who is Lynette Green?”….. probably not….. never the less…. surprise!!! you have now [^^^^cause I made you think it – see what I did there? is that evil of me?] bahahahaha!

So now you have thought it you are in the perfect place place to possibly get that answer!! [insert super excited applause here]. Honestly though, I cannot promise it will make sense all the time because like all the best people I am a little bit ‘cray cray’ but what I can promise is it is all me; So hold on to your nicker-bockers, untie those pantyhose, put your shirt back on, grab a wine and lets go!!!!

With a creative flare [says me] and a fun vibe [yep, that is also a ‘says me’] I delve into my ‘brain spasms©’ sharing my philosophies of life & ‘brain fluff©’; additionally though on a more serious note, I share how I process and cope with the more sobering or frustrating issues that plague all of us in one way or another either directly or indirectly.

I created a journal of sorts back in September of 2013, why? To try and cope with one of those ‘sobering’ life situations I mentioned; also because I wanted to tell my story to ‘someone’ lets just call her “Microsoft Word”  and from here on in I will refer to her as MW [because I can lol], to document what I was going through at the time without feeling like a burden to anyone or making them feel like they had to try and ‘fix’ me or solve my problems [doctors cannot even do that sadly]. Sometimes a side effect of the occassional emotional verbal dumping is we can leave the dumpee feeling helpless and overwhelmed on our behalf and at a total loss on how to help, encourage or even understand what it is we are looking for from them.

RED HOT TIP 1: for all those loyal, wonderful, beautiful support dumpee’s out there, sometimes all you need to do is validate our feelings, tell us we are not crazy for feeling scared or alone etc and acknowledging that “just getting over it” or “accepting it’ is not really all that easy to do.

RED HOT TIP 2: NEVER use this one thinking you are ‘helping’ because you aren’t and I will explain “You should be thankful it’s not worse because there is someone else out there that has it worse than you”  translation: my suffering is not real suffering and I have no right to feel pain because someone I don’t know, you don’t know and whom I don’t care about [lets be honest] has a worse situation than me? ouch, yeah doesn’t work because now not only do I feel sheet about my lot, but I also feel guilty because I do feel sheet about my lot and I am allegedly not worthy or entitled to feel sheet about my lot. 

We love you for trying [even with red hot tip 2]; and we appreciate you more than we may tell you for being our shoulders; much love ❤ ❤. Personally, I learned this from my own plight, having the badge and reflection of a dumpee and a dumper, gives fantastic hind sight.

I try to limit my advice for when it is actually asked for; emphasis on TRY because I am not always successful with this; my heart is to ‘make better’ what royally sucks. I also try to focus more on the feelings of the dumper and help them feel validated and worthy and  provide a safe place to have an ’emotional verbal dump’…… hmmmm okay I am 100% aware of how that phrase sounds and the images it may bring to mind but I am leaving it because I think it is funny (sorry I really can have a sick sense of humor).

Now don’t get me wrong, my life has had its trials….. as you will read….. but it also has it’s good points. The problem is I am so inconsistent with journaling that it is only when I am melancholy etc that MW gets my attention [she probably feels used and abused]. So you would be forgiven if you think I have more drama going on than most, it really isn’t truth. I have been better at this in more recent times but in the beginning, not so good. 

Why do I share them after 6 years? because I think that my story may just help someone else going through some of the things I write about not feel so alone or isolated; because I am a story teller and what is the point of telling a story if no one ever reads it right? or…… it could be just because I am a little bit crazy. I will let you decide.

Till next time readers, have a fantastic day!!!


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