Science or Nonsense?

What is the basics of Law of Attraction (LOA)?

LOA is a universal law and is based on the principal that all things have an energy to them, the same energy runs through everything; this energy has a signature or vibration that is linked to our sub-conscious thoughts, feelings and beliefs. When our sub-conscious operates in accordance with our beliefs this stirs up our thoughts and feelings, both sub-consciously and consciously, and creates our vibrational signature on any given day, time or moment; this is ever changing. This vibration is just like anything else, the vibration of music, radio waves, magnets. Everything has an energy and a vibration and it is of the same energy but different vibrations. Vibrations communicate silently between each other, including thoughts and feelings, they have their own individual vibrational signature too. Here is a link for some further information:

This is a very basic kid friendly explanation of what vibration or oscillation isand how energy and it’s frequency is associated with it. Basically ,whatever we choose to give our energy to in form of thought orfeeling, will create an oscillation/vibration energy output, that vibrational output will continue until we stop feeding it with energy. The frequency of that vibration all depends on the level of energy provided to it. In the case of thoughts, feelings and beliefs; each one has its own level of energy and therefore it’s own frequency usually measured in mega hertz. There is no coincidence that feelings associated with positivity are referred to as ‘feeling up’ and  feelings associated with negativity are referred to as ‘feeling down’. Feelings that makes us feel good are of a higher frequencythan those that make us feel low. This is why specially designed music can have the ability to help us ‘feel better’ because if it is made with high frequency sounds we will absorb and mirror the frequency. In much the same way that being around positive people can help you to be positive and being around negative people can bring you down.

Our vibrations are like magnets, pulling into our world stuff that resonates with the same vibration as us, the stronger the emotional charge the stronger the frequency and the better the ‘magnet’ works – have you evernoticed that when you are angry at one thing so many other unrelated things make you angry too? You say it is because you are angry so everything is making you angry, and you are right, but the scientific answer is your emotional vibration is pulling to you other thingsthat are of the same frequency thus you are more likely to see amultitude of stuff that feeds your anger energy.

Here is a site that explains this phenomenon:

Visualisation also plays a big part too. If you can see your future vision in your minds eye and attach strong positive feelings and emotions to this image, doing it repetitively until it becomes habit/automated, acting “asif” it is real; then eventually it will have no choice but to become real. Constructive Repetitive Thoughts and Visualisation.

Basis of Law of Attraction is – like attracts like.

Visualise it in your mind and it will attract into your life - the is the basis behind vision boards.
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But I make my decisions consciously!

This is true but also a misconception, although our conscious mind plays a part in our decision making. The majority of the decision has already been managed by our sub-conscious before we even realise there is a choice or decision to make. Our sub-conscious will use inherited beliefs (negative and positive), your previous experiences, your faith in yourself, what you like or don’t like and more often than not negative self talk. Roughly 95% of our brain activity is sub-conscious and it has been said that we can have up to 70,000 thoughts in a day. We are not aware of most of them but they are there. Most brain activity is for the everyday stuff, moving limbs, standing up right and the like but not of all. Now These figures are just what I have researched and there is a general consensus of them  it could be different however the end result would be the same. The majority of what we think, is done by the sub-conscious brain and here is why. 

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The sub-consciousmind is an energy saving system used by our brain to, funnily enough, save energy by placing on cruise control the things we don’t need to think about to do such as walking. For example, when you are learning a new skill or subject you would find that you get tired quicker and your brain slows down by the end of the day. This is because you have to use more of your conscious mind to do this new activity. Once you perfect the skill or you absorb enough of the new activity to manage, your sub-conscious will say “I got this” and you will just find that you can keep that bike upright on two wheels without thinking about it and not falling [well most of the time anyway].

So if your life is not where or what you want it to be what does that mean?

Firstly, if you feel you do believe in yourself and have faith that you can make the life you want a reality then your life now may simply be the result of a lack of specific goals that are measurable. It’s like walking into afish market and asking the store owner for some fish, he asks you which one? And you reply I am not fussed on the details you pick. So he picks something and you find you don’t like what he chose. Your goal was met, you wanted fish and you got it; but you were not satisfied because it wasn’t really what you wanted.

If it is because you are scared to fail/succeed then think of it this way; in the aforementioned scenario it could have been your fear of failure/success that meant you let the store owner decide for you, in this scenario you have a very minimal chance of actually meeting your true desire/potential. You actually have more potential to fail or at the very best ‘settle’. The fear outcome is what you focused on so that is what you got – thus like attracted like – LOA was working in your life even if you did not get what you wanted. If you are going to fail by NOT setting goals, why not set goals and giveyourself at least a fighting chance to succeed you will be no worseoff.

Alternatively, if you believe that success is only for the 1%; then you are once again fulfilling your own life prophecy to fail by focusing on failing. Itis true that those who are successful have a specific way of thinking and thus produce a certain pattern of brain waves but that does not mean that you cannot get to that place too. Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler PhD,( of psychology, studied the brain waves of several self-made millionaires and elite athletes and found that they all had nearly identical brainwave configurations. She calls this the “Quantum Mind”. She branched this study out to see if the mind of an average achiever could be taught to react the same way as the successful mind and they did. She explains it as “every action you take or think about taking starts with your brainwaves (of course) and that the most direct way to empower your life is to change your thoughts”. Thus thinking differently will make you more successful – not hardwork, not being in the right spot – your thoughts. Because if you change your thoughts to that of success then that is what you will attract and by focusing on the right things at the right time, setting goals and keeping them specific, timely and measurable then you will inevitably get there. It doesn’t mean you won’t struggle but struggling is not avoidable;  you cannot remove struggles from any of life’s journey so if you have to struggle, and you do, isn’t it better to struggle for what you want then what you don’t want?

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Celebrities such as Oprah, Will Smith and Jim Carrey to name a few use LOA and believe in it this is not a fad but something the successful do automatically and have been doing since forever, Those of us that have not been taught this way of thinking, just need to learn to think like them.

All that does not prove that Law Of Attraction works just that positive thinking is a big part.

Yes, I can see how you would make that assumption. I set it up so far to reflect basic behavioural aspects; think positive, put in the work and there you go, success. As previously noted positive thoughts have high frequency vibrations and negative thoughts have low frequency vibrations. Our brains do not know reality from perception we have to tell ourselves if what we are seeing or experiencing is a matter of substance or a matter of our mind. Dreams/nightmares for example – ever had a dream within g a dream? now that is some freaky stuff.

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An experiment measuring the effects of physical practice and imagery practice on bilateral limbs transfer suggests that imagery training can facilitate the transfer of motor skills from a trained limb to that of an untrained limb – in layman’s terms: visualised training of physical practice to the right hand saw an improvement to the left hand. ( scientifically proves that what is visualised is ‘real’, the body remembered it as if it actually performed it. Therefore if you visualise yourself in your dream life, feeling how you would feel, with the relationship you want, the smells/weather etc, the finances you desire and the career that you dream of – the more details you have the better – and ‘believe’ it ‘is’ – your sub-conscious will believe it to be ‘real’ and thus after repetition for habit forming, your sub-conscious will take over auto queue just as it did when you learnt how to ride your bike. That familiar saying of those who use LOA “Act as if” may now just make a little more sense.

But you don’t think you can do it, you think it will be too hard or take too long to learn.

Well then isn’t it great then that you are already doing it!!! …….. wait what?? That is right, you are already doing it just not consciously or to your full potential [benefit] in a deliberate manner.

Here is a little test for you to do and it will cost nothing and wont hurt at all. Have you ever heard of the saying that if you see 11:11 around that your guardian angel is trying to communicate with you? Well if you have it is not your angel it is your mind; what you focus on you will see. Our brains cannot process everything it sees; we have our circle of clarity where our eye can focus and then all around this circle of clarity is a blur of colour known as our peripheral vision. If our brain had to process everything we saw we would completely overwhelmed and would not be able to move as our brain would be completely taken up with the task. My point is there is A LOT that we don’t take in when we are out and about on our daily activities. You can ONLY focus on one thing. So if you start seeing 11:11 repeatedly out of the blue, it is not some anomaly, rather it is your sub-conscious mind trying to communicate with you [get your attention] or guide you. For some reason you have sub-consciously activated the request for guidance from your ‘guardian angel’ if that is your belief, so your sub-conscious mind already knows what out-come you want or expect and has made the decision for you. Your sub-conscious mind will then get to work sending you clues in accordance with your beliefs and bam LOA has been activated. Some believe 11:11 to be negative omens and others see them as positive. So depending on what you believe and what your sub-conscious has decided will determine what your mind will pick up in your surroundings. Some people are particularly sensitive to the energy in objects and people etc and thus can sense negativity, these people may ask their guardian angel for help but in reality it is their own internal knowledge that provides them with the answer. This sounds all spiritual but it isn’t. It is physics – but you can call it what you want, a rose is a rose is a rose. Personally, I view it as the evidence of LOA in my life; when I see a row of identical numbers usually on the clock so 4:44, 1:11 or 12:12 so on and so forth, I repeat my I Am statement- “I am happy and grateful that I see evidence of LOA in my life”.

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This process actually has a name it is called Baader-Meinhof phenomenon(see more here: It is what happens when some obscure piece of information, like an unfamiliar name or word is mentioned and then afterwards you encounter the same subject repeatedly. Like when you are looking for a new car to buy and you stumble across a car that you have not seen much but seems right for you, next thing you know they are everywhere. You don’t have to put much thought into this exercise you can use either of the above examples for ease/convenience or choose your own item/word/colour etc … then wait. Now if your mind can do that and you start seeing the evidence of LOA, just like a pet dog your mind jumps at the chance to fetch you what you are looking for, then your mind can also use LOA to constructively and deliberately create the life you want – the sky is the limit if you can get past all that negative sub-conscious stuff that is.

What do the experts say?

Well, you know how they want to say LOA is a ‘new age’ thing or a ‘new uncovered secret’? It isn’t. LOA actually is noted several times in the bible. It just didn’t have a name then. When you think about it, LOA is the basis of faith in general, to believe in the unseen. To know that just because you cannot see it does not mean you do not have it. That is the essence of faith. (you don’t need to see oxygen to know it exists, you see the effects that oxygen creates).

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Matthew 21:22 “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer”

Mark 11:23-24” Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. (Jesus is actually talking in riddle here where the mountain is our problems).

Just to name two, both are instructing the reader to ‘believe’ they have already received what they ask for and it will be theirs. God does not want his children to struggle more than necessary and states he will supply for them if they believe it will be provided. In Luke 9:3, Once again he is instructing them to have faith in him and know that they already have what they need, they just have not met up with it yet, they will met up with it when they need it. Everything has a time. Just like a seed, you cannot plant it today and expect a tree tomorrow; but you know and believe you will have a tree because that is the promise of the seed; eventually you get your tree. With LOA the seed is our belief, thought, visualisation or emotional energy and the tree is the fruition of that.

The Greek philosopher Plato (427BC – 348BC) noted “likes tend towards like” or in today’s language “like attracts like”.

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Korean researchers found that there is a connection between positive thinking and life satisfaction.

Psychologists have used affirmations for many years with their clients. A paper published on constructive repetitive thought shows that those who consistently tell them selves they can meet a goal are more likely to do so. Affirmations help with mental illness or injury recovery.

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WelcomeTrust Centre for Neuroimaging in London discovered those who visualise their future are more likely to bring it to reality.

Mirror Neurons. As mentioned we are all made up of the same energy and thus vibrate in accordance with our emotive states or thoughts. Mirror Neurons is what happens to an observer of someone performing an activity; their brain activity mirrors that same activity as if they are physically doing it themselves – this is scientifically proven by use of MRI. Ever started to laugh simply because someone else is, you don’t know why they are laughing but you have an uncontrollable urge to laugh along with them. This is the result of mirror neurons. Your brain is picking up on their vibrational energy and as theirs is a strong high vibration 
it will alter your own and you will mirror theirs. High vibrations dissolve low vibrations, in much the same way as the high vibration of light dissolves the low vibration of darkness.

Geneticists reveal that some of our negative beliefs can be inherited althoughenvironment is still key. A study on mice where the smell of cherry blossoms were associated with electric shock. Their cells have memory of this anxiety and fear association. These mice were found to have passed that fear onto their offspring via genetic code. So although their offspring were never shocked they still feared the scent of cherry blossom. However, with repetitive constructive thought this can be reversed.

Observation Theory. Quantum Physics have proven that how you observe matter and energy can change the way it behaves – even if everything else remains unchanged. This can be proven via the double slit experiment which is sometimes performed by school science students. This theory which is not actually a theory any more so it is referred to as the Observation Effect is the basis of visualisation. Visualisation is nothing but the observation of energy [within our own minds] which then will manifest itself because we visualise it. Even if it is just thought, because the thought exists, so to does the item.

Who remembers the Jetson’s? Showing my age but I do. This was pre-internet stuff (1962) and was based in the future. With video phones, mobiles, jet-packs, holograms, drones, smart watches, computers, food printers & the internet. They were just ideas –far fetched but look at today – they all exist. A thought once observed can and often does become reality. Ever thought of an invention only to find it created by someone else before you get to it despite never mentioning it? I have so to speak, it was a clothing design for me though. When you had that thought, it became energy which you emitted, someone else absorbed that energy and were quicker to act on it.

If you believe you are practising LOA but feel you are not getting the results you want, then remember it is your sub-conscious mind that controls this, you need to concentrate on reversing some those negative beliefs which have a stronger emotional energy than your desire to succeed. What you focus on is what you will attract so if what you are attracting is negative, then it could mean that is what you deep down think you deserve because that is what maybe sub-consciously you are asking for [especially if it is re-occurring]. High frequency meditation music, affirmations, visualisation and essential oils (not that cheap fragrance stuff but true pure oils) can all have a positive influence on increasing your vibrations. Practice makes perfect; failure only comes if you give up otherwise it is a lesson.

Some people I find to be truly inspirational for learning about LOA are:

Jake Ducey and Aaron Dougherty I found these two on YouTube/Insta/FaceBook; Will Smith & Jim Carrey, these found me with random videos showing up in my social media news feed. There are many more who follow this and practice this. It is not magic, sorcery, idolatry or nonsense. It is science and physics and it is very real.

Conclusion – Law of Attraction – Science or Non-sense?

I believe it is science and as time goes on scientists will only keep adding to the information that they already have and gather more evidence and proof of it’s existence. Personally, I am not going to wait until some one I don’t know or care about says it is real or not– I believe it works,  have seen the manifestation in my own life and thus being my own experiment this only adds to what I already know from a scientific front. Try it is my advice, you have nothing to loose and everything to gain. If it doesn’t work, you will be no worse off than you are now, but if you can see the evidence in your life, your imagination will be your only limitation. What do you think?


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