To dilute or not dilute….. that is the question

Important note from Author:

Using essential oils can be confusing and a bit overwhelming. If you don’t have the right support structure to lean on & learn from with regards to guidance then you may very well just give up.

One of the many confusing topics is dilution – many people don’t know if they should or not, what ratio to use if they do and if this will effect the quality, benefits or if it is something else altogether. This is basic 1 on 1 information your Advocate should be providing but as it is with everything, there will be some that do not do as they should; their agenda for the business side may not provide them the time to properly educate and nurture their new user or customer or it could be they weren’t provided with the support themselves and are not aware of what dōTERRA expects from them as a Wellness Advocate. DōTERRA’s desire is to provide a lasting relationship between customers and their Advocate so that new customers are not left out in the cold without the basics to using their oils; to encourage usage and experimentation but most importantly to educate regarding safety to avoid adverse affects that the non-educated user may receive which may deter them from using them all together. DōTERRA’s business structure supports this by way of Multi Level Marketing, MLM so that we grow branches from the trunk (us); we are compensated for what is expected of us via way of the ‘Fast Start’ and if you accept this payment then you accept the role and responsibility that this payment represents. If you don’t accept this role or responsibility, then you should refer the enrollee to your Advocate this is what they are there for. Re-reading the dōTERRA Australia Policy Manual [or for which country you originate] would not go astray if you are an advocate and do not know what you are expected to do for your team/customers.

Some Advocates sell from a retail shop front, ordering in bulk and then putting their products up for retail sale. This is not wrong, however I believe this deforms dōTERRA’s vision as it does not support the customer with a community of users, it does not provide that 1 on 1 consultation which is necessary to nurture and support a new customer and it also denies the new customer the perks of having their own account by way of discounted and free products. If you are buying dōTERRA oils through someone else’s account STOP immediately and create your own account. As I explained in my first blog… Let me introduce myself properly…. there is nothing to commit to if you don’t want to, you can JUST be a customer you don’t have to be involved in MLM at all. Using your own account will give you the opportunity to get the more expensive oils like Frankincense or Helichrysum for FREE saving yourself more than $100 by doing nothing more than what you are now but with your OWN account – stop ripping yourself off.

Not everyone is a Wellness Advocate, there are retail customers and wholesale customers and the rules of an advocate do not apply to these customers because there is no ‘business ethic’ to follow. Please read my first blog… Let me introduce myself properly or for further information contact me via email click this link.

Why do we dilute?

Dilution occurs in many ways. If you are using an essential oil in any way other than ‘NEAT’ then it is diluted. Pretty straight forward right? Essential oils are added to moisturisers, shampoos, conditioners, face oils, masks, food, drink, supplements, cleaning agents, soaps, repellents and more. The list is endless and more products than you are aware of have them. Product rules state that if a substance amounts to less than a certain percentage of an end products volume that it is not necessary to include it in the list of ingredients. Only the smallest amount of essential oils are needed to get the full benefit/purpose so it would equate to a very small part of the overall volume and as you guess is not included in the list of ingredients. You have more likely been an essential user you just don’t know it yet.

Still that does not answer the question does it? the answer is plain and simple. We dilute essential oils so that it covers a larger surface area and thus the topical affects (external) are extended. For internal use, it is diluted because essential oils are extremely concentrate, thus the oil would be overpowering if you used a lot of it in the product. Also, most of the time essential oils is used as a flavouring agent in food and beverages not for it’s benefits so less is needed. If you use your own essential oils internally, via vegie capsule it may be beneficial to top up the capsule with fractionated coconut oil especially with the stronger oils such as the herbs or mints and some wood oils.

Another reason for dilution is for sensitivity, some people may have sensitive skin or be sensitive to an oils composition, by diluting the oil you are reducing the concentrate of the oils and spreading it over a larger area using less in one application than you would if you used it neat. Therefore, you avoid or reduce the risk of sensitivity.

I have been told that for those who do have a sensitivity to recommend the use of frankincense to blend with the chosen oil. Frankincense can work on a cellular level and so if mixed with the oil you are using this may help reduce the sensitivity.

Does diluting affect the quality or benefits?

No it does not. I don’t blame you if you have trouble getting your head around this one, Initially I found it difficult too.

I will try not to confuse with my attempt at an explanation. A single application of an essential oil can be considered to be one or LESS than one drop. The purity and potency of dōTERRA oils is such that 1 drop of Peppermint oils is the equivalent of 28 cups of peppermint tea. So in the case of peppermint you can consider that one drop is MORE than 1 application. So how do you apply less than a drop of essential oil? You can touch your thumb to the top of the bottle and then press your thumb to the roof of your mouth for 10 seconds; use a tooth pick and wipe the oil from the tooth pick on the bottom of each foot and after about 10 or so minutes that oil will have reached every cell in your body (should even be able to taste it in your mouth!!) or you can add a drop to a carrier oil or lotion and rub a portion of it onto the bottom of your feet or the affected/desired area. [I will address carrier oils in a further blog]. Now if you have sensitive skin or it’s for a child dilute, dilute, dilute! (better to be safe than sorry).

Do I have to use more if it is diluted to get the same effect?

No you don’t. Again, something that can be hard to wrap your head around. So, you have come across this good thing, you used your 1dr (1 drop) and it worked – hallelujah – your excitement says to you ‘lets go and marinate ourselves with the whole bottle” we will feel even better right? No, don’t do that you will only waste your oils. Your body will only use what is necessary and get rid of the rest as waste – so all you will have for that experience is very expensive pee !!!. Also, there are some herb oils that if too much is taken can be harmful in the same way that too much zinc can be harmful. It is ALWAYS best to follow directions no matter what you are using – and get advice if you are unsure. Personally, I advise always err on caution and dilute; Motto:– less is more .

How the oils work is they move through our body, working where they are needed (even places you don’t realise you need it) and then after 2 hours will be evacuated from your body. If you use an oil diluted or not and after 10 to 20 minutes you have not received any benefit, reapply and keep doing that until you do receive your benefit. Everyone has a different body composition and metabolism, so my dose may be less or more than yours, a good place to start is with the smallest dilution recommended and increase if necessary from there. Following that, reapply as needed (between 2-6 hours). Personally, most of the time I only need one dose/application but each person is different.

What if the oils are not working for you?

DON’T give up. One thing essential oils do extremely well is help remove toxins from our bodies. Each one differing slightly on how it works. Now if our bodies are laden with toxins you can imagine that it is going to take some time for the oils to first help process those toxins and then move onto the area of concern right? So I say, keep using it even if you still have to initially continue to use other methods. Eventually you will see and feel it working.

My personal experience with this is with dōTERRA’s protective blend, On Guard. This is the blend that aids in protecting us from environmental and seasonal threats and supports a healthy immune system. Being chronically ill I thought why not give this a go. I need some immune support and protection. Well I was using this oil as needed for about 1 to 2 months before I noticed the benefits. I had come down with a cold which included a sore throat and some of the oils contained in this fantastic blend have an analgesic quality – I used the oil to support my immunity and 20 minutes later, to my shock, the sore throat was soothed and my head felt clearer. The benefit was that I did not have to take toxic and harmful pain killers like I normally would have which is great for my liver, being a health concern of mine. So my advice is do not give up, if your body needs support else where first you may not notice the acute benefits until later. [I am not claiming that the oil cured anything just that it soothed my symptoms the same way a painkiller or cough syrup would have]. 

So what dilution ratio is recommended and is there a dosage recommendation we should also follow for safety purposes?

Extremely good questions, there are ratios and dosage recommendations that everyone should follow for safety purposes and I include below the guides I personally use:

Dilution Recommendations:


In addition to this there are institutes that have great reputations which can provide further formal essential oil education and information if you are looking for this. I would recommend that you review:

Here is a dilution chart which is ‘generic’ but just as applicable as dōTERRA’s which is from the Tisserand Institute.

Tisserand Guide

Dosage Recommendations:


I truly hope you find this information useful in your essential oil journey feel free to contact me via email if you have any questions or comment below – don’t forget to hit the like and share if you know someone who will benefit from this information. If you have anything you would like to add that I have not included email me – lets chat.

If you don’t yet use essential oils and you want to – email me or visit my webpage and have a look around but don’t forget to contact me so if you want to buy so I can get you the best deal.

Have a wonderful day 🙂


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