Can 1000’s of years of history be wrong?

Would you continue to use something if it did not work?

Quite simply, you wouldn’t. If a doctor gave you a medication that alleged to work for a condition that you have, yet after taking it for some time it showed to be absolutely useless for your condition, they would prescribe you something else – and that is what you expect from a doctor, it is their job, am I right? Of course I am.

Take for instance anti-depressants, there are literally 1000’s to choose from so how does your doctor know which one to prescribe you? Well they will use their learned knowledge, your personal history, maybe your blood-work and your symptoms to make the best educated guess they can – and if that one does not work it is trial and error until the right one for you is found – the reality is what works for someone else may not work for you in the modern medical world.

What if the medication you were taking had ‘unexpected’ or ‘expected’ consequences, otherwise known as ‘side effects’ that swapped one problem for another? Would you continue to use it?

Personally it would all depend on the severity of the condition as opposed to the severity of the ‘consequence’ expected or not. Which ever outweighs the other is the path that I would take or recommended to me by my doctor or specialist. So if your condition is life threatening but the ‘side-effect’ isn’t you can guess what path a doctor will want you to continue down. Some consequences can be a bonus too, for example, hypothetically, you may be taking a medication for joint pain and find that it also reduces the amount of headaches you get, bonus!.

What if you don’t like the ‘side-effect’ despite the scale used by the medical profession to decide if it is worth the risk to change?

Well, ultimately it is your body, your condition and your health so the choice is yours – however, you do ask a doctor advice because of their expertise and so you should also assume that they know more about the subject than you do. Honestly, if you don’t trust your doctors advice why would you continue to use him/her? A discussion about alternatives and why they feel that alternative will or will not to be a viable option for you is always important. I personally take warfarin, otherwise (sarcasm alert) ‘affectionately’ known as rat poison. Why rat poison? Because it is the main ingredient, basically the poison stops a rats blood from clotting and the higher the dose the more likely they are to spontaneously start bleeding and thus bleed out, my parents hate that I take it, and I do too however I am more thankful it keeps me alive than anything else. For my parents sake, I have asked my specialist a few times if I am suitable to be placed on another drug, as there are numerous ones out there and new ones are added all the time, to which I am advised that my personal condition places me on too much risk. Warfarin has an antidote (so to speak); a shot of vitamin K and a plasma transfusion will get the blood clotting again in the case of a high risk bleed, for example internal bleeding from a car accident. Where as others do not have this and thus monitoring is key for the same problem for the 12 hours (sometimes) it takes to get out of your system. I am particularly blessed (sarcasm again) to be a clot risk and a bleed risk simultaneously – oh the joy that is!. I have weak veins that could be affected from putting too much pressure on my blood vessels, for example by picking up something too heavy for me. However at the same time, if I come off warfarin (to solve that problem), I immediately start clotting around my liver again for some mysterious reason (thus creating a even more dangerous condition). So, although I do suffer with some ‘side-effects’ that are painful and hard to live with, I am alive and that is a joyous benefit which to me outweighs the side-effects.

You could get a second opinion, not all doctors are of the same opinion, a different doctor may have had good results from a different medication and have reason to advocate it. Best advice is to get advice before you decide yourself what you want to do.

Is there any other way?

From a young age I have been a true believer that there is a cure for everything in this world within the plants, vitamins, minerals and resources of it. This too is supported by modern medicine. Did you know that most (but not all) medications are a compound of a naturally occurring matter that has shown to have certain benefits? I say most because to do a complete thorough research into every single medication created would take me the rest of my life. An example, penicillin is a form of bacterial discovered by Dr Alexander Fleming, who was a bacteriologist at London’s, St Mary’s Hospital in 1928. This is NOT a chemical compound but a naturally occurring organism (although there IS a synthetic version for, you guessed it, pharma profits!). Because I do not have the time to do all the research myself, I learn from chemists, laboratory technicians and scientists who have been in the field for a long time and have done the research for me – why reinvent the wheel right?.

So why do they create it synthetically if it exists naturally? Good question, because you cannot patent a naturally occurring product, only that which you create/develop/manufacture – simply put there is no money in using the real thing. So they take the compound, create it synthetically, patent it and then put a massive dose in one tablet for consumers.

So why the side-effects then?

Because 1. synthetic (or artificial) is always more harmful than natural and 2. the natural alternative has 100’s and 1000’s of perfectly balanced compounds that work together to do their thing where the synthetic version is a single compound ‘believed’ by the chemists, to be the key to the benefit. In essence, the plant the synthetic medicine is based on is a complete resource and thus is more likely to aid to the cause and not just the symptoms. The synthetic version is a massive dose without the other balancing properties, of course we will get side-effects – we were not meant to get such a concentrated level of that single compound in one dose especially without the balancing compounds.

If we find out what these medications and synthetic/artificial compounds are based on and introduce the whole food or a supplement into our life, this will go a long way to supporting your body and aiding in management of normal bodily functions and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It will not mean you won’t get sick but it may assist you in recovery. There is so much information on how the plants, minerals and resources of the earth benefit us it is not hard to find. A simple google search will give you plenty of information, although you cannot believe everything you read, it is important to make sure your information is from a trusted source. Personally one of the pages I like to visit is Dr Josh Axe’s ( page or web page for information he is one of the most trusted online medical practitioners around today and his focus is the holistic approach, promoting a healthier lifestyle.

What about essential oils?

Well firstly, you need to make sure what you are using IS an essential oil and not a synthetic/artificial fragrance. How? Simply put it is not cheap to grow, harvest, distil, bottle and sell a 100% pure essential oil; however it IS cheap to add a synthetic fragrance to a carrier oil, bottle it and sell it off as “Rose Oil” per say. DōTERRA confirm that it takes about 65,000 rose flowers to make a 30ml bottle of Rose Oil…….. that is a whopping 2,167 flowers for 1ml! So if you get the stuff for $2 what do YOU think you are buying? If all you want is to use it as an air freshener or soap/candle scent then it will do; just remember what you are spraying/burning/or using on your body is an artificial substance and so you are inhaling and absorbing that toxic artificial substance too. If you want it for the benefits rose oil contains such as the assistance in aiding digestive, menstrual or skin issues to name a few, then that $2 bottle will not work I am sorry to tell you.

Additionally, go to the source, the supplier – ask questions about purity and how they ensure it is not altered in the distillation or transportation processes, or contaminated with pesticides or other compounds not naturally found in the oils you are using. Ask them if any of their oils are cut (mixed with a carrier) and if so which ones, with what carrier and how does this affect the benefits. Most ethical producers will be transparent and have this information ready for you on their website, on the product labels and in other forms such as pamphlets, blogs, scientific research etc. If they don’t though, I for one would not trust a company who is not transparent to their customers.

Secondly, as essential oils are naturally occurring, volatile aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers and other parts of plants, anything claimed or proven to be a benefit from the plant, will also be within the oils. The essential oils of a plant are what travels within and on top of a plant to do various job such as produce scent for reproductive purposes, attract bees, protect from bugs, regulate oxygen, minerals and vitamins etc and aid in photosynthesis. Each oil has a multitude of jobs within the plant and that is why some oils are so versatile assisting with things that are not even slightly related. Sometimes, the oils will have benefits to conditions that the plant itself may not assist with due to the amount you would have to consume to get the same benefit. With pure essential oils, a small amount of pure essential oil goes a long way – diluting it does not effect the benefit just enables 1 drop to cover a larger area and thus ensures no overuse. To remind you of the potency of pure oils, remember how many roses are in 1ml of rose oil? Also as mentioned in a previous blog, 1 drop of dōTERRA’s peppermint oil is the equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea therefore less is more – 1 drop for this oil, depending on its purpose can be considered more than one application which is why dilution should always be considered.

So you are suspicious or very speculative of all this essential oil mumbo jumbo

This is not an unexpected response, I see people looking at me like I am some sort of witch or hippie immediately dismissing my input on nothing more than that perspective. I am not surprised though, what with all the push for modern medicine being the only way to relieve a person of common lifestyle issues – health today is all about treating symptoms, there is too much money to be made off sickness. Certain fractions who will remain nameless have made it known that if their profits drop more than 20% as a result of improving lifestyles naturally, there will be consequences to those considered responsible. That is just how invested they are in ‘keeping’ us sick. I am a firm believer that modern medicine has it’s place, I take that many tablets a day I rattle when I walk, seriously you can hear me coming for 5 minutes before you see me – bahahaha. Despite my life depending on modern medicine, I am also a big believer in choice. I prefer to use non-toxic or non-consequence alternatives when I can – I especially like to limit pain killers which can be very harmful to the liver and other organs. As my liver is sensitive, you can understand my hesitance to use such things but also my absolute joy when I found an alternative that did not put my liver under pressure or cause other pain issues normally associated when I take pain killers over a long stretch (and will not cause future problems either).

Slight tangent: Did you know that pharmaceutical drugs are not as ‘safe’ as you may have been lead to believe – 358 of the total 453 overdose deaths that occurred within Victoria, Australia in 2015 were caused by Pharmaceutical drugs!! Ouch, mind blown!! ( Painkillers if not taken properly, for example: regularly taking more than the single or daily recommended dose of any painkiller, can cause future serious liver, kidney and other organ problems. Do not assume that a drug that is available without prescription is ‘harmless’ – prescription drugs are even more lethal, which is why they need for practitioner to prescribe and monitor their usage.

On track again: There are so many uses for essential oils, these gifts of the earth, that are yet to be found by scientists and chemists. All research has to be funded and there is no money in learning these things from a pharmaceutical companies point of view, so all research is limited to the essential oil distributors themselves IF they are wealthy enough to conduct the research. Did you know the FDA and the TGA in Australia (by default), insist that any form of medication MUST have be toxic? Ever heard of the LD50 value? Well, if not let me explain → LD stands for Lethal Dose and 50 stands for the fatality rate out of 100 – therefore, the LD50 value means the dose that would potentially kill 50% or 1 of every 2 people who consume it at that dosage. How exactly would they get this value? Oh another great question, you are on fire ……did you know that ALL medications are tested on mice or other animals? I know people who hate animal cruelty (um me), and refuse to use cosmetics that are tested on animals but what about medications? both over the counter and prescription based drugs have a LD50 value. Testing is determined when the dose continually given to communities of mice is gradually increased until 50% of them die. I have heard people questions if essential oils are cruelty free; ………… If you have strong views on animal cruelty, have you ever thought about how many critters had to perish so that you could use Panadol? Food for thought.

How does that depressing tid-bit of information make you feel? Me, just awful! I urge you though to step back and think about this for one minute. Every medication approved by the FDA and then subsequently approved by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Association in Australia) are known to be toxic…….. not just a little bit toxic ……….. but toxic to the point that it has the potential to kill………. and this is proven and documented by the LD50. Real life does not mirror sterile controlled laboratories, it tends to be unpredictable which is why you hear about products being taken out of production after only a short time on the market due to unforeseen anomalies or side-affects.

Essential oils are non-toxic so it is impossible to get a LD50 value for them and so the FDA refuse to acknowledge their therapeutic benefits – but I don’t care about that, this actually makes me extremely happy, why? Honestly, I do NOT want essential oils to be approved as a therapeutic/medical treatment, because then we would ONLY be able to obtain them by prescription and prices will escalate.

So are Essential Oils cruelty free?

The answer I can give you relates to dōTERRA; yes they are cruelty free. They do not test their products on animals and their products are also vegan. (

But this is all a new age, hippy thing isn’t it? I mean it’s the placebo affect I reckon.

Ummmm, no. The use of essential oils has been around for centuries. Many cultures cultivated the use of essential oils in the treatment of lifestyle and health concerns. If anything, synthetic medicine is the baby in the arena. In accordance with the Centre for Drug Discovery synthetic or semi-synthetic drugs have only been around for about 50 years and prior to that is was of natural origin (

Placebo, lets think about that for a moment – yes one can argue (to a point) that this may be a ‘thing’ where people see benefits because they have convinced themselves they will. Let us think about what something being a ‘placebo’ truly means. This means that the benefit received is based only on the strength of our minds [to overcome our illness’]. Stop……. re-read that sentence and let that sink in for a moment. Our minds are so powerful they will do their best to make what we believe will happen, happen; I 100% support, believe and live this by the way.

If a placebo works though, that means that our own bodies, more so our minds, have the capacity to treat us for what ever it is that placebo worked on – also meaning that the toxic/consequence rich synthetic medication is equally unnecessary so why use that either? if that is the basis of your refusal of trying them. If you truly believe that essential oils are a placebo, that to me is still a great reason for using essential oils rather than the toxic materials you currently do. If you can supplement a toxic option with a non-toxic alternative that is better for your over all health not just for this one issue why on earth wouldn’t you?

The practice of using Essential Oils has been around for centuries, it never stopped being used, and today, in conjunction with synthetic medicine, it is STILL being used and recommended by doctors, what does that tell you? Would you continue to use a product if it were useless or a ‘placebo’ for centuries if it did not work? No you wouldn’t.

Side Note: Oh and you have used and consumed essential oils before likely without knowing it. They are in our food, in our drinks, in our vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, flowers etc – there is not much in life that is not touched by essential oils of some fashion. For an obvious example: Ever been told by your GP to use Vicks? Or Vapour drops, or use a humidifier? Usually the oil recommended here without being recommended, but in some instances is directly recommended, is eucalyptus – why would they  recommend that if it doesn’t work? They wouldn’t, plain and simple.

My Conclusion:

Can 1000’s of years of history be wrong? I personally don’t think so.

What do you think?


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    1. Thank you Reginia for your feedback – it is comments like yours that help me realise I am heading in the direction I want. I hope you find more of my blogs in future just as helpful. If there is anything you would love more information on please do not hesitate to ask – we can learn together when I research and share my findings. Blessings!


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